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What is Rotaract?

Rotaract is an international club network that gathers young people between 18 and 30 years of age that do humanitarian work, encourage high ethical standards in business and promote international understanding and peace. Rotaract clubs work in cooperation with their local Rotary club. The name derived from the combination of words Rotary and action.

Rotaract clubs hold meetings usually once a week and they include lectures, cultural activities, discussions and visits to other clubs. Every Rotaract club is part of a district of Rotary organization. District plans regional conferences, leads regional projects, holds training programs for club management and sponsors special events that strengthen the bonds between clubs.

Rotaract Goals?

  • humanitarian activities in form of aid to the immediate and wider surrounding,
  • seeking to raise and maintain high ethical standards in communication between people in different situations and during various activities,
  • ensuring that it is accepted that all professions that are socially useful are of great importance for the development of the immediate and wider surrounding,
  • respect to each socially useful profession in terms of providing the opportunities for each such profession to serve the welfare of society
  • encouraging personal responsibility, official and public engagement of all members of the Club in achieving the objectives of the Club, fostering understanding between nations and states,
  • fostering behavior that helps achieve and maintain peace among nations and states using among other things, socialization of the members of the Club with members of similar clubs in different countries.